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Santa train dots south Georgia

December 13, 2003

DAWSON - Christmas is still a couple weeks away and there's no snow on the ground for Santa to land his sled so he hopped on a train.

The jolly ole' man made a pit-stop today in Dawson aboard the Santa Train Express. It's a trip he makes each year, stopping in several towns along the Southwest Railroad route.

Kids of all ages come track side to tell him just what they're wishing for under their tree.

Santa was busy Saturday, but if you missed him, you can catch him when he tracks through... Edison (1:30p.m.), Arlington (2:25pm.), Damascus (3:20p.m.) and Colquitt (4:15p.m.).

Visitors can ride on the train with Santa, too.  However, trips are one-way and riders must have their own transportation back to their boarding point.

For more information, visit Georgia Southwestern Railroad's web site.

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