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Teachers help fight flu

December 12, 2003

Albany- During the day 4th grade teacher Dianne Sellers spends her day going over science and math lessons, but she's already hard at work before they even arrive.

"Every morning when I come into the classroom I spray with Lysol or some type of aerial disinfectant," she says. "Then in the afternoon, when the children leave one of the things that I like to do is, we try to tidy up the room before they leave, but I try to wipe off the desks with a Clorox or a Lysol wipe."

Two things Sellers believes will help keep her students healthy during what doctors are calling one of the earliest flu epidemics in recent years.

"Influenza has arrived, there's absolutely no question we have positive tests, we have many patients," says Dr. Craig Smith, Director of Infectious diseases at Phoebe Medical Center.

Smith says proper hand washing must be a priority.

Friday, Ms Sellers class headed to the sink before lunch, but most days like most other Dougherty County students they use waterless hand sanitizer before their meals.

"These are very, very effective, and they are very good they will kill the viruses, and they will kill the bacteria. If you have dirt or some kind of soilage on your hand you still have to wash your hands. The waterless gels are for people who essentially have clean hands to begin with," says Smith.

Sellers is just hoping her extra cleaning will kill what the sanitizer might leave behind.

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