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Perdue comes to South Georgia

December 12, 2003

Donalsonville - The plant is the most modern in the United States, and should pump around $40 million into Georgia's economy every year. The plant will also create 70 news jobs.

Governor Perdue is all smiles as he leads the way to new jobs in Southwest Georgia. He says, "These jobs will mean a lot for the people who are working here, but the spin off businesses for what this is going to create and the contribution it will make to overall economy to South West Georgia is absolutely phenomenal."

Worker Adam Blanks says it has already made a difference to him, he no longer commutes to work. "It's closer to home," says Blanks. "Better paying job, better all around, you realize you don't got to go all over the world to find a decent paying job."

And this plant will benefit more than those who work here. "It's good for the economy," says Machine Operator James Temples, "Because there's not a whole lot else besides agriculture in this area. So anything around here to boost the economy is great."

Work that once was done out of state, can now be done on these machines. All shelling and sorting starts and finishes here. And once the peanuts have been processed, shelled, and shipped, they're ready for one final step, and that's for you to eat them, as Governor Perdue says he does everyday.

"This is one of the things, the state's focused on," says the Governor, "Helping our farmers to go further down the consumer chain, and this is a great example of that plan coming together."

The plant opened and began processing peanuts this November.

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