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Title bout!

December 11, 2003

Thomasville--It's deja vu all over again. Thomas County Central and Marist meet for the sixth time Friday night, and for the fourth time it's in the state semifinals. "If we're playing Marist, that means we've both had good years," Central head coach Ed Pilcher said.

Coach Ed Pilcher compares the TCC-Marist matchups to a heavy weight title fight, where the last one standing, or in this case with the ball, comes out on top.

"Those two games, the first two were probably....well they stick out because they were the first two. But every one of them have been exciting and I compare last year's game to the first two."

Those first two games were decided by a single point, as was last year's 35-34 Central win in overtime. But perhaps the play of this rivalry came in the second game, on a two point conversion halfback pass by Joe Burns.

"That decision was made before they even scored to go up. And I had already told the defensive coaches that and everybody. I said 'If we go back down there and we score, we're going for two, we're not going to prolong this thing anymore."

 And if your wondering what will be the difference this year, coach Pilcher suggets you pay attention to the beggining of the game rather than the end. "The biggest play of the game might be the coin toss," Pilcher added.

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