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School board chooses site for school

December 11, 2003
Albany- Dougherty County's next new school will be built here, on what they call the Ivey property on Gillionville Road across from the YMCA sports park.

Board member Willie Weaver recommended the site after they spent more than two hours in a closed session. This means there won't be a school built on the controversial Home Drive property, that was bought in 1999.

This was the first time since the Home Drive issue began that the board has unanimously agreed on a site for the new school. Some members say the property never should have been considered in the first place.

"If you could see the contract, it doesn't take a lawyer to see that it never should have been sighed at. Never," Weaver said.

According to engineering studies it would have ended up costing the system almost $914,000 to build on Home Drive.

The proposed price for the Ivey property is just over $435,000. The board will buy the land with the understanding that the county will pay $300,000 to put in sewer service. The board looked at this property, also on Gillionville, but decided against it.

It had 11 less acres than the Ivey property and the school board wants room for growth, Weaver said.

In the meantime, the board is ready to put controversy over Home Drive behind them, but they haven't said what they plan to do with the land.

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