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Feather Hunt draws international interest

December 11, 2003

Worth County -- Some small birds could help bring big dollars and jobs into South Georgia.  Corporate executives from around the world are invited to hunt quail, while state leaders try to draw their business to Georgia.

It's probably the smartest marketing plan ever. "I'm really expecting to have a lot of fun," exclaims Brian Corde of Mintax Inc. Amidst a sea of orange hunting coats at a plantation in South Georgia there were investors, decision makers and company presidents with the power to move their industries and their money the state.

"These are the types of areas that companies really need to focus on when they are looking for new locations for expansions," says Corde, whose company scouts business locations for corporations.

The 16th Annual Fall Feather Hunt seems to be a proven formula for Georgia. Ten guests from the last three hunts decided to locate facilities in the state and brought over 1,200 jobs and $187 million with them.

The invitation list to this event changes with the state's economic goals. As Georgia focuses on growing international business has brought industry leaders from as far away as Germany. "Its just different from the rest of the states," said German businessman, Matteis Kohlbecker. "The state helped me a lot for business opportunities."

Currently only one third of the state's industry comes from international business. "My two guests from Germany, they have been to Atlanta but they have not been through the rest of the state," says Jim Ewing, Assistant Deputy of Trade & Tourism.

The Fall Feather Hunt started in 1988 and is responsible for bringing in more than two billion dollars in expansion and 13,000 jobs statewide.

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