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Disc Jockey, Marine and their trailer grounded by wind

December 10, 2003

LEE COUNTY - Gusting winds are keeping an infamous duo and their trailer grounded Wednesday night in a popular south Georgia fundraiser.

B-100 Disc Jockey Adam Kelly and a Marine normally spend 100 hours suspended 100 feet in the air in a travel trailer for 100 hours.  Their goal is to raise  money to purchase bikes for deserving south Georgia children.  Kelly did expect to be in the air sometime during the night, however.

Generous donors have still turned out, though.  As of 10p.m., more than 300 bikes sat ready to brighten Christmas morning for children across the region.

"Just because we're not actually up in the air, the campaign is still going on," Kelly said.  "We have assemblers on hand that are assembling bicycles for us to reach our goal this year of a thousand bikes, so we definitely hope that just because we aren't up in the air for the Bikes or Bust program, that we still will get the bicycles."

Wal-Mart employees say their bikes average about $40.  This year, they have made it even easier for you to help.  They have hired about 15 extra people to pre-assemble almost 1,000 bikes. You can even pay for them outside without having to wait in line inside.

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