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Hunters get lesson in gun safety

December 10, 2003
Dougherty County- Kyle Williamson is a hunter.

So he was looking forward to representing his company at the Fall Feather Hunt.

"It was just a real pleasure to come play," Williamson said. "Take some time off and see the plantation."

But many of these business leaders don't often handle a gun.

"There are some guys here who can shoot with anybody and there are guys here that when I hand them a gun, it's the first time they've actually had a gun in their hand," said instructor Todd Rogers.

So before they send them shooting after birds, they get a little practice with these clay birds, so everyone stays safe. Especially four-legged friends.

"No shots near the dogs, no loaded guns around your shooting partners," Rogers said. "Just mainly be safe."

And as long as everyone listened closely to their lesson, everyone here should be safe.

"You got to take your time and you got to think," Williamson said. "It doesn't really matter if you hit a bird or not. You're gonna have a good time just being out there."

So whether you're an experienced hunter, or first time shooter, it's all about the fun of the sport.

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