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DC leaders take animal lovers' advice

December 10, 2003

Albany - Dougherty County leaders take the advice of animal activists and make some changes to the newly proposed leash law.

Wednesday, county commissioners agreed to include cats in all rules regarding the mistreatment of animals and to remove a section of the law that allows people to impound pets found in their yard. Animal activists say capturing and housing nuisance pets should be left to professionals.

"I think commissioners were fair in their deliberation. They accepted some of our considerations, especially about the cats. I think the cat committee will be happy, and if something becomes a problem we'll look at it later," said animal activist Laurie Jenkins.

County commissioners will vote on the revised animal control ordinance on Monday. If passed, pet owners will be fined for not having their dog on leashes in public places and for not providing proper food, water, and shelter for their pets.

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