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Bus monitor fired

December 10, 2003

Albany - Another firing in that incident where a Colquitt County school bus driver verbally abused students.

Remember this? The bus driver, Sandra Farrell, was caught on tape saying this, "You let her come to the door of this bus. I'm gonna show her something. When I get through with her she won't f*** with near another one. Every bus she sees she'll be scared of them."

Now, the monitor has been fired because she should have reported the bus driver's misconduct. Colquitt County School officials will not release her name, but she was on the bus with the bus driver who was caught on tape cursing at special needs students.

Farrell was fired three weeks ago. Farrell and the bus monitor were secretly recorded by a parent.

The bus monitor started working for Colquitt County Schools at the beginning of this school year.

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