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Foster children need You this Christmas

December 10, 2003

Albany - It already looks like Christmas morning at the Department of Family and Children Services. "Our goal is to make their Christmas as good as it can be. We do that through the help of this community," said Deanna Mosley, DFACS case worker.

DFACS workers are busy wrapping presents for more than 500 children in foster care and other DFACS programs. But, there's not enough gifts to go around. "Right now we still have families that we will not be able to serve if we don't have extra support to come between now and Christmas," said Mosley.

So, DFACS is asking businesses, families, or organizations to donate toys or money. "They're ecstatic," said Mosley. "They come running out to the car and help you tote the presents into the house."

Gifts are on the Christmas list, but DFACS hopes you'll give more than just toys. "We're always recruiting for foster parents," said Carolyn Reid, DFACS.

Dougherty County is in dire need of foster parents willing to open their homes and hearts to teenagers in need. There are more than 120 children in foster care and not enough parents to take care of them, especially teenagers.

"The teenagers are hardest to place. We're looking for people who can hang in there with teens who talk back and act like typical teens," said Reid. "It's more difficult when it's not your child, but we want parents who can hang in there."

Reid says children are staying in foster care longer. "Drugs are rampant in our community and that's a main reason why children are removed, along with abuse and neglect."

The state reimburses foster parents for most of the cost of caring for the child including health coverage. So maybe this Christmas, the best gift you can give a children is yourself.

All foster parents must complete a state training program. If you're interesting in donating presents or becoming a foster or adoptive parent call the DFACS office.

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