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Firefighters test new tool

December 9, 2003

Lowndes County - Firefighters are testing a new extinguishing agent that should cut their response times in half. It's called Fire Aid 2000, and it will bring big savings to fire victims.

In a car fire, getting to the victims even 30 seconds faster could be the difference between life and death.

And a new, improved fire extinguishing agent can make that difference. "It's got an enormous cooling effect, and it absorbs so much heat," said Lowndes Fire Chief Jim Fielding.

Fire Aid 2000 helps firefighters extinguish blazes in half the time. "Most car fires that we go to on Interstate 75, we attack with a one-and-three-quarter line, pumping 125 gallons a minute," said Fielding. "We will put a fully involved car out with two-and-a-half gallons of water with this agent."

To prove the strength of the new agent, Chief Fielding covers a rag with Fire Aid 2000, then tries to torch it with a road flare. The rag is barely even scorched.

Fire Aid 2000 also puts a big dent in the amount of water damage. "By using this agent in conjunction with water, we will reduce our water damage by 50 percent which means more savings to the insurance company and the homeowner themselves," said Fielding.

But the big savings isn't in the damage to your home, it's in your life.

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