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Light Safety Tips

By Scott Hunter

December 7, 2003

Albany --Many people have already hung Christmas lights in hopes of creating a holiday masterpiece. We have some safety tips you should know about when it comes to lights. "You can buy a silicone sealant to cover you plugs which keeps moisture out of the socket preventing a possible fire.

Home Depot experts says buy lights that have the letters "UL" on the bottom of the box. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories, and it means the lights have been approved by the independent product safety group and meet their high safety standards.

" If you are using out door Christmas lights and all you want to use a ground fault breaker or a ground fault outlet outside. That way if it trips it trips at the outlet,"say Home Depot Jamie Fowler. Make sure to use indoor lights only on the inside of your house because the wiring on indoor lights is not strong enough to handle outdoor temperatures and conditions.

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