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Retro toys back in style

December 5, 2003

By Scott Hunter

Albany --With only days left until christimas, shoppers are hitting the toy aisles with their children's wish lists in hand. But you may be surprised at what's hot this year. "A lot of things, especially retro toys and things that a generation ago grew up with,"say a Karla  Daniels an associate at the Lee County Wal- Mart.  Thats right, popular toys of the 70's and 80's are back and are flying off store shelves. From GI Joe to the Care Bears, old favorites have been resurrected with new twists. This year's version of the Easybake Oven is beefed up with new bells and whistles and can cook up everything from pretzels to mac and cheese. And never to be left out, Barbie fans have their choice between the new Shikira Barbie or  a Legally blonde version of the doll. And what's christmas without a red monster Elmo is back this year doing the hokey pokey and flying off of store shelves. But just as popular as retro toys, new high tech learning toy like leap frog hope to be more than just a pasting fad. " Oh no these kids are really smart and they play with them all the time,"says one shopper. But whether it's a new gadget or an old favorite, children all over are sure to get something unique under the tree.


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