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Census comes early for South Georgians

December 5, 2003

Tifton- Counting and collecting data on every person that lives in the country is a huge undertaking for census collectors, but with the 2010 census still years away they're testing a new information collection system that will hopefully make the job easier.

"We are representing the entire United States for a rural test. The urban test will be done in Queens, New York. The rural test is here because Tift, Thomas and Colquitt counties have just the right mix of small town and rural areas and immigrant population," says Registration Technician, Eunice Mixon.

New GPS technology will also make it easier to collect census data in rural and hard to get to areas.

"You would not believe the houses that do not have numbers, and so we are going to work first on getting those spotted and hoping those people will return it by mail," Mixon says.

The mini test will help census-takers work out kinks before 2010, and provide jobs for residents of Tift, Thomas, and Colquitt counties.

"We'll be looking for at least 130 people by the first of January. We hope to be in full blast in February with 170 people," explains Tift County recruiter Betty Cromer.

The jobs will run until July and only require a short test, US citizenship, and two forms of ID including a valid drivers license.

"If you are bilingual we'd love to have you. If you need the test in another language other than English we do have tests in Spanish," Cromer adds.

For those who dread filling out the long census survey, you're in luck. The test census will not include any long forms.

Residents of the three counties interested in a job for the test census should contact their local labor department. Officials will begin hiring and testing census-takers next week.

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