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New water bills to come?

December 5, 2003

Albany-- You know water is an important resource. It will also be the subject of much debate when Georgia lawmakers open the General Assembly session next month.

Georgia Wildlife Federation President Jerry McCollum wants to make sure any new policy includes a comprehensive water management plan.

He says House Bill 237, which is back in committee right now, is flawed since it allows for the buying and selling of water by permit holders, "There was a group that wanted to get a jump out there and create a new industry in Georgia and that's selling water to the highest bidder. We basically have short circuited that but we still have the comprehensive management plan to do."

McCollum says trading in water is wrong because it's a public resource that should be managed by the state. There are some 21,000 permit holders in the state. Free water permits are issued to farmers, industries, and cities.

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