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South Georgians raise money for United Way

December 5, 2003

Valdosta - Up on the roof top, no it's not Santa. Its Shari Crim and Rock 108's Scott James raising money for the United Way. "Suffering is pretty much the best way to describe what we're doing, but we're doing it so other people won't have to," said Scott James, Radio D.J.

This is the seventh year James and Crim have climbed up on the roof of Home Depot to beg and plead for donations. "It brings in some money for them, but more importantly, we're spreading the word about the United Way, and it helps the campaign pick up," said James.

For 36 straight hours, the crew will eat, sleep, and do just about everything from on top of this roof. They can't even go down to use the rest room. But they say that's a small price to pay for such a good cause. "We always pick the first weekend in December because its the coldest and nastiest, but its well worth it to us," said Crim.

Each hour, a representative from a different agency served by the United Way will join Scott and Shari. Like Angela Rothrock of Lowndes Associated Ministries to the People. "Without the United Way, we could not survive," said Rothrock. "They give so much to us and other agencies, and people need to come out and give money so programs like ours can keep thriving."

So until 6:00 Saturday night, they'll battle the cold and blistering wind in hopes that the donations will keep blowing in.

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