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A record setting night

December 4, 2003

Albany-- Americus native Jan Ward recently joined an elite group after she bowled a perfect game at the Albany Bowl-a-Rama. Ward's 300 was the first ever bowled by a woman in Albany.

Her perfect game came three weeks ago while bowling during a league game. Ward's historic night also capped off a terrific comeback from triple-by-pass surgery last year that sidelined her from the game she loved.

But even Ward herself will tell you that bowling a perfect game wasn't something she was trying to do. In fact she didn't even know she was doing it. 

"I never look at my score, I bowl frame by frame. And when I threw the first ball in the tenth frame I did not even know it was the tenth frame. I started to walk away and everybody says, 'No, it's the tenth frame, you gotta bowl," Ward said.

Ward also competes in tournaments and even flew to Reno Nevada this summer for the Women's national tournament.

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