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Jam skating duo gets ready for competition

December 4, 2003
Lee County- Take a look at the Bany Boys.

Jason Baker, 14, and Steve Cantrell, 13, take regular old roller skating and mix it up with their own style.

"It's like dancing on skates basically," Baker said.

It's called jam skating. But instead of the ever-popular in-line skates, this dancing's done on quads.

"It's really coming back," he said. "It's really not that old. You just got to know where to look for it."

In this rink, you don't have to look far.

"We get out there. It usually draws a crowd."

They've been skating together for more than a year. Now they're rolling to competitions. But there's no trainer here. They're doing it on their own.

"When I skate, like when we make up routines, I'm clumsy and I'll kind of slip or something and then, I made up a move," Cantrell said.

Side by side or spinning around, nothing here looks like a mistake. But as good as they are, they know they can be better. And they know what it takes.

"Practice and practice and practice," Cantrell said.

Because the Bany Boys want to flip over their competition and bring it all home.

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