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Marine talks about grim job in Iraq

December 4, 2003

Americus-- She's back at her job as a dispatcher with the Americus police department. But, this Marine is still thinking about her months in Iraq. What she did there is not talked about in the press, or even by the Bush administration. But what she did was maybe the most important job of all.

23-year-old Melissa Massey earns her living as a 9-1-1 dispatcher in Americus. But her other job as a Marine also brings her pride, "I decided to join after 9-11." In a picture of Massey taken just a month before she left for Iraq she is fresh-faced and nervous. But she says she had something to prove, "It was that and just wanting to prove to myself that I can do it."

And this Marine was put to the test unlike many others, "Our unit along with 3 other units were tasked with mortuary affairs, grave registration." That's right--this young woman took care of the causalities, making sure those brave men and women who died in battle were brought home, "It was it was nothing that anyone would, or most the people from our unit would just volunteer to do, but we looked at it as an honor to bring those fallen Marines back home."

Now this Marine is back home, alive and well. She says she can't forget the faces of her fallen comrades. But, one thing is certain--this Marine has proved herself, "I'm proud of myself, I am."

PFC Massey was stationed in Iraq from May until July. She does not know if her unit will be called back to duty.

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