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Band, reenactors, city make nice for Christmas

Mayor Tommy Coleman Mayor Tommy Coleman
2nd Georgia Reenactors 2nd Georgia Reenactors

December 4, 2003

Albany-- After a week of community outrage, the city has smoothed over the parade faux pas.

Confederate Re-enactors were kicked out of the parade last week because Albany State's band director disagrees with the group's philosophy.

But Mayor Tommy Coleman says none of that should ever have happened. "All this was done unilaterally by people who are not decision-makers in the city, and it was an error in judgement, and caused a serious problem in our community," he said.

A problem that he hopes will be avoided in the future. "It's obviously been a trying experience for the community and one that we would like to avoid, that was not a good experience but hopefully we, as a community, can learn from it and make better decisions in the future."

One of the future decisions may be to make the parade an invitation-only event.

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