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Kids get free glasses and eye exams

December 3, 2003

Albany - If your child is not doing well in school, an eye exam may be the answer. Many kids have trouble focusing on schoolwork because they have blurry vision, but some families can't afford a trip to the eye doctor. On Wednesday, a select number of students got free eye exams and glasses.

Seven-year-old Deanthony Burkes loves to read. He says, "Numbers and letters." Sometimes those numbers and letters are out of focus because Deanthony has allergies and is nearsighted.

His grandmother, Mary Burkes, brought him to Lenscrafters inside the Albany Mall. She says, "They [glasses] will help him more to understand what he's reading." But, glasses can be costly. The grandmother agrees, "Yes, they are very expensive for him, especially since he has problems for his eyes."

Lenscrafters all across the nation for "Hometown Day" let kids like Deanthony walk away with better vision for free. For some students, school work will finally be in focus because today they got their first pair of glasses.

The free eye exams and glasses were given to families with financial struggles. Deanthony loves his new look. He says, "Thank You."

Out of 24 free eye exams, 12 children, including Deanthony, needed glasses.

Lenscrafters works closely with Even Start Communities in Schools and other organizations year round to bring free glasses and services to those in need.

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