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Future stylist offer cheap haircuts

December 2, 2003

Moultrie - A haircut can cost you a lot these days, but there's a place you can go in south Georgia that won't break your wallet. Not only do you leave looking marvelous, your stylist leaves smarter.

Robby Wubker stopped at a salon on his way to class. He laughs, "It's cheap." His stylist is an 18-year-old named Eryn Jones. Students can watch her work. She says, "We get a lot of visitors looking in windows a lot of times."

Jones is a student herself. She's in cosmetology school at the new Moultrie Technical College campus. She adds while fixing Wubker's dreadlocks, "It gives the experience to feel more comfortable to be myself around them."

It's hard to even tell she's in a classroom. Her teacher, Paul Thompkins, says, "This is a working salon all the way from the receptionist to a stocking room person we have students on the floor taking clients."

Some clients are real and others don't have a body. Zoe Dean talks about her mannequin, "She doesn't say ouch." The 27-year-old was an optomologist, now she wants to be a stylist. Dean says, "You have to do what they ask and you're still dealing with their feelings."

A station over, 19-year-old Lindsay Newsome's guinea pig is her grandmother. There are also clients who come in to get a pedicure or manicure, all at a very low price, but a very big grade. Wubker says about Jones, "She's doing a pretty good job."

So, while Wubker gets his dreadlocks fixed, this future stylist and her classmates get the experience that will last a lifetime.

A haircut, shampoo and style costs only $9.00, you just have to be patient with the new learners.

Moultrie Technical College will soon have a new program dealing with skin care too.

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