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Schools receive grades

December 2, 2003

Thomasville - One of the easiest ways to get students to graduate high school on time, is to get them to show up to class. "Our attendance is not good," says Thomasville High School Principal Bobby Smith. He says, "Obviously if you're missing too many days of school, your grades will not be what they should be."

So at Thomasville High School, Principal Bobby Smith is working with teachers to encourage students not to miss class, so more of them will graduate. Smith says, "We already knew we would like to do more to get our students to come to school on a regular basis, and have less students miss more than 15 days per year."

And attendance is one reason Thomas County Schools have more students graduating than the state average, but they want all students to finish high school on time, not just some.

Assistant Principal Bernice Mitchell says, "I think we're all aware of the accountability and there's a strong focus on what we're doing and what we need to do. We're looking for improvement. We want every child to be successful."

Successful with a diploma. Smith says, "It's a dilemma and it's a problem and it's something that we certainly want to attack, but fighting the attendance problem, I think will prove to make our academics go up."

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