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Late nights may end for bar-goers

December 2, 2003

Albany - Albany bars and night clubs may be forced to close a little earlier. City leaders are considering changing the hours bars and clubs can operate.

Albany bars can stay open until 4:00AM now, but must stop serving alcohol at 2:00AM. But there are a few clubs that don't have alcohol licenses. They allow customers to bring their own alcohol. These clubs, such as Insomnia, can stay open all night.

Tuesday, Albany Police asked city leaders to force these places to close from 4:00AM to 8:00AM, just like other bars. Police also encouraged commissioners to establish a brown bag ordinance which would make it illegal to bring your own alcohol to a restaurant or night club.

Commissioners agreed and even suggested closing all bars and clubs at 2:00AM to stop crime. "It's long been established that there is a direct correlation between alcohol sales and crime," said Major Bill Hooper, APD. "So if city leaders can get them to close earlier, it will definitely help us."

At the committee session, Commissioners also talked about keeping last call at 2:00AM and shutting down the bars at 3:00SM. Now, they want bar owners and the public to give them their opinions about operating hours at the next meeting on December 16th.

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