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Spike in home burglary

December 2, 2003

Americus-- There is a noticeable spike in burglaries of Americus homes.

Police are patrolling a middle-class area off Lee Street where there were several break-ins. Thieves are picking homes that do not have burglar alarms and do have easy access--like unlocked doors and windows. Plus, the break-ins are happening in the day-time.

This all started back in August. Americus Police Department Spokesman, Brett Murray, says "Up through last week I'd say four a week, thereabouts. When normally it would be rare to have one in the day time. Many of these seem to be related in terms of style, the types of things taken, the method of entry, things like that."

Police think the break-ins could be related. Police have made two burglary arrests, but are still unable to tie all cases together.

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