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Albany Christmas tree goes up

December 2, 2003

Albany -- Holiday cheer continues to show in Albany, as the City's Christmas Tree goes up in front of the Courthouse on Pine Avenue. The 40-foot tall Cedar tree was delivered to the Courthouse plaza Tuesday morning.

The lush tree was donated by the Drake Family from Leslie. They offered the tree to the city two years ago. It was cut from their yard Monday.

But on delivery, the tree was just too big for the holder. Finally, Water, Gas and Light workers cut the tree down to 25 feet, so that it could be managed.

 Workers gently settled it home, and everyone could admire this fine tree that will adorn the Courthouse for the next month.

W.G.L. Spokesperson Lorie Farkas said " We put a star on it for the first time last year. It has over a thousand lights on it. This year we were donated ten thousand lights to put on the tree, in addition to the lights we already put on it. So this year it should be spectacular"

The City's Traffic Engineering Department will begin decorating the Tree Wednesday. It will be lit during the Holiday Parade Saturday night.

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