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National Guardsman thanks his employer

December 2, 2003

Lee County -- An Army National Guardsman says "thank you" to his employer and wife, for supporting him while he serves. This is Kenneth Boggs, truck deliveryman for The Contractor Yard building supply store. And this is Specialist Kenneth Boggs of the Second Battalion, 121st Infantry. The same man, doing two jobs, as citizen-soldier.

Now he wants to thanks those who back him. Boggs said "This is the only way I knew how to show them my appreciation. Thanks." His National Guard duties have called Boggs away for training missions a number of times in the last three months. Tuesday morning, Boggs and his unit Commander surprised his bosses and wife, presenting them plaques and unit coins.

Boggs said " I know I put ya'll in a bind all the time being gone. They are always at the last moment. But I really do appreciate it." His boss Charles White said "It's important to have National Guard everywhere, in every community. And we are just proud to have one actually working for us, and doing our part. "

 Battalion Operations Officer Major Jeff Dickerson said "Without them the National Guard would not be. That's why it so important to have him as part of our organization. Even more important to recognize the employers who make the sacrifices to give him the time off to let him do his job as a guardsman."

Penny and Kenneth have been married 14 months. Knowing Boggs could be called for deployment to the Middle East soon is tough, but part of the job. Penny said "You watch it on TV and see what's going on, and he might be over there in it."

 Kenneth said "I try to not worry about it, and not let my family know that I'm scared or worried. That I am in the good hands."

Boggs has been in the Army National Guard for four years, and plans to stay until retirement. That's why he wanted to thank the people in his life, who make it possible for him to serve his country.

Boggs served in Desert Storm while he was an active duty soldier.

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