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South Georgia TV channel unique and fun

December 1, 2003

Tifton- Hayward Fowler's Thursday show is a live program where viewers call in and talk about anything they want, just the type of program Fun Channel America loves.

"We also take tapes from people if you film your grandmother's birthday party and it's interesting we need the programming we'll show it," admits Fowler.

The Fun Channel is a premium channel that started in Tifton, but now they cover 18 counties from Valdosta to Eastman and reaches more than 400,000 people.

"We don't buy any programming. We don't run any syndicated shows. We produce everything you see on here, and this can vary too. We have filmed a five legged calf."

Fowler shows local programming 24 hours seven days a week. Whether it's a prom, parade, or hunting show produced by his son-in-law he saves everything. Unlike most other channels he takes requests for programs even if they're more than a decade old.

"This is not real TV. This is not a TV station. We don't want to be a TV station. This is the Fun Channel, and it's about us and things and people, and we may bump the camera when we film sometimes."

But he says it's not about the quality, the lighting, or the audio. Its about reflecting the lives of Americans a formula Fowler calls stress-free TV.

The Fun Channel may even go global. They have been contacted by a TV station in England who wants to do a show featuring a half-hour of Fun Channel programming.

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