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Radium Springs casino site will have new fence

December 1, 2003

Dougherty County -- Fences are going up on the site where Radium Spring Casino used to stand, and you won't be able to see the famous Springs.

A chain link fence is already up on the muddy spot where the casino stood for nearly 70 years. An ornamental wood fence will be finished across the site in the next weeks.

There are no plans yet on how to use the Radium Springs because of government budget woes. So for now one of Georgia's natural wonders will remain hidden behind fences. Tracy Hester with Dougherty County Planning and Development Services said "The county is certainly not fencing people out. I've heard that comment, please. But there is a sense of security and a need to restrict access at this point, until some plans are made to how the property can be used."

The State Department of Natural Resources owns the Springs and the land to the River. Dougherty County owns six acres between the Springs and the road.

While you can't see the Springs, just a couple of hundred yards to the South there is an overlook deck. It offers a view of the creek that runs through the springs.

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