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New Georgia license plates

December 1, 2003

Albany -- New vehicle license plates went on sale in Georgia today, and you have plenty of choices if you want a new look on your back bumper this year. A line at the Dougherty County tag office this morning.

Owners now have a choice of 121 special license plates they can purchase in Georgia, besides the individual personalized tags. And it's a hot business. Dougherty County Tax Director Denver Hooten said "If you start noticing tags, you'll just see more and more of them."

Georgia drivers chose the designs for two new wildlife license plates, and state leaders are pushing them. Replacing the bobwhite quail wildlife tag , is the new bald eagle design framed by Stars and Stripes. The words "Give wildlife a chance" are across the bottom of the tag. It costs a one-time 20 dollar donation, with the money going to protect habitats for endangered wildlife and plants.

There is also a wildlife tag with deer and quail, where the money buys habitat for animals that can be hunted. Hooten said "People who already have a wildlife tag are real interested to see what they are going to be able to get for their plates for the coming year."

Your local Animal Shelter will benefit if you buy the new tag that raises money to spay and neuter dogs and cats. There is a new tag to benefit breast cancer treatment, sports programs for disabled athletes, or wildflowers. There are also new tags for military veterans or reservists, displaying what war and branch of the service you want to honor.

Most tags carry a $25 manufacturer's fee, and then every year, besides the ad valorem tax, an additional $25 fee.

 You can see the other specialty plates here .

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