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Burning off the holiday calories

November 28, 2003

Thomasville - It was on his mind as soon as Marvin Pittman woke up this morning, and no, he wasn't thinking about eating leftovers.   "This is the first thing I wanted to do today, come in, work out, not get too lazy, too laid back," he says. 

Many people gain weight over the holiday's but Marvin says he doesn't want that to happen this year.  He says, "To work off some of this Thanksgiving dinner, I ate a big meal yesterday and I need to just work it off. Don't want to feel stuffy, just want to keep loose and keep fit."

One of the biggest mistakes people can make when they start working out is doing too much, too soon.  By doing something as simple as walking, you can burn off some of those holiday calories.

Fitness trainer Cody Borden says, if you want to get into shape, cardio exercises are the best way to do that.  He says, "It's better to work your whole body and jog or walk or some kind of cardio exercise that's going to get all of your body fat off."

And keep the holiday weight gain to a minimum. Gym Memberships often increases at this time of year, but even more people join around New Years.

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