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South Georgia families find a Christmas tree

November 27, 2003

Lowndes County - It's a Thanksgiving tradition for many families, heading to a tree farm in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Thursday starts the business boom for Hambrick's Christmas Tree Farm near Hahira, and the customers are already rolling in.

The Ross family is on a mission. "We're out to find the perfect tree," said Mack Ross. That could be a tough task in a maze of more than 20 thousand trees, but after just a short while of combing Hambrick's Christmas Tree Farm, they spot a winner. "We wanted one with a good shape, just the right height, and I like them fat so they can hold lots of Christmas ornaments," Ross.

And at Hambrick's, they even get to cut the tree down themselves. The farm has been in the family for almost 50 years. Owner Johnny Hambrick has seen thousands of trees come and go, and says watching families like the Rosses is the highlight of his job. "It's a lot of fun to see families make a tradition out of it," said Hambrick. "We just really enjoy the season."

You can cut your own tree like the Ross family, or they'll cut it for you. "Most choose to cut their own, they just come out here and make a day out of it" said Hambrick.

After the Rosses' tree is cut, its on to the shaker, netter, and finally, it's loaded onto the back of the truck. Now it heads towards their home where little Trevor has big plans. "I want to decorate it!" said Trevor Ross.

Hambricks Christmas Tree Farm grows Virginia Pines, Lelan Cypresses, and Eastern Red Cedars. The Farm is located on Hambrick Road, six miles east of Hahira.

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