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Bainbridge murder remains unsolved

November 26, 2003

Bainbridge - Two years, four months, and six days ago, 29-year old Wendy Bryan was murdered "Wendy didn't deserve it," says her brother Charles Newsome. "There are killers out there. They've done, it they've gotten away with it. Right now, someone out there knows something, we need to get it solved."

Investigators say they are doing everything they can to catch the murderer. Investigator Brian Donalson says, "There have been tons of leads, it's just a fact that whenever you get to investigating them, they come to a dead end, you don't have anywhere else to go."

Bryan had just been hired as a sales clerk at this liquor store. Stephanie Bean was with her when two men went inside to rob the store. She says, "I was just sitting there staring at the gun the whole time. I was like, omygod is this really happening, is that real?"

Although the murder weapon was found down this street, investigators have no leads that point directly to one suspect, but the family wants answers.

Sister Debra Williams says, "The biggest question in my heart, in my family now, is why?"

A 10,000 reward is available for someone who leads police to the arrest and conviction of her murderer.

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