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Military Retirees will begin using civilian doctors

November 25, 2003
Albany- Military retirees who use the Branch Medical Clinic in Albany now must choose from a network of civilian doctors.

The change is partly due to ongoing deployment of marine and navy doctors to Iraq. Tuesday night, MCLB held a town hall meeting to answer retirees' questions.

The clinic will only serve active duty military and their dependents beginning January 1.

"I have got to take care of the active duty family members," said Lt. Cmdr. Gina Trotter, the officer in charge of the clinic. "And if I don't do that, the service men and women, as they serve overseas are going to be impacted worrying about the healthcare of their families they've left behind while they're fighting a war for us. "

There will not be any change in how the retirees get prescriptions or most eye care.

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