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Students mistreated on school bus

November 26, 2003

Thomas Co. - Kitty Trammell says her seven year old son's life was threatened on the school bus. "When he came home, he was crying, he was hysterical," she says. "He said a high school student was in charge of him, they sent him to the back of the bus and said that they were going to beat him. They took off belts, and they also said that they were going to slit his throat."

Now she's afraid for him to go to school. She says, "I'm scared to send him to school. You know it's the law that they got to go, and it should be the law that they are protected until they get home."

Superintendent Dr. Larry Green agrees. "I empathize with the parents cause they expect us to take care of their children," he says. "That's what we want to do. That's our primary job, make sure children are safe."

But at least two other parents have complained that their children are being improperly disciplined by older students, not drivers. Green says, they have taken action to correct that problem. He says, "By counseling with the driver, talking about procedures, so they have a full understanding that bus drivers are in charge of the buses just like teachers are in charge of the classrooms."

And Trammell says if students continue to misbehave, they should be disciplined, Even if they are her children.

The Thomas County bus system runs 55 routes each day, transporting more than 3,000 students.

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