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Students become Jamestown settlers

Shawna Reeves Shawna Reeves

November 25, 2003

Valdosta - Some South Georgia students journeyed to the past to learn about the history of America. Students at Moulton Branch Elementary transformed their gymnasium into the Jamestown Colony.

"We want to teach them how to work with others, but most importantly, how things were in the past and how our country was shaped into what it is today," said Shawna Reeves, Teacher.

Blacksmiths shaped metal and paper makers created stationary. Students became the original settlers of the Jamestown Colony. "We made paper and other products just like the people did during the Jamestown period," said Kayla Bauer, Fourth Grader.

From candle shops to food markets and soap stations, they got a hands-on history lesson by creating their own little village. "It's fun because we get to do things just like the people did during the old days," said Bauer. "It was really hard for them."

This year, students incorporated math into the Jamestown lesson by selling the products they make. Shoppers bought soap, paper, candles, food, and more. "Everybody's loved our products, and we're almost sold out," said Reeves.

And while having a little fun with history, students gain a new appreciation for the American way of life.

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