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The Peppermint Pops is back!

November 24, 2003

Albany-- The show will go on! Albany Symphony Director Claire Fox Hillard says, "It really gave us a good feeling about the entire community that they would come to the rescue so to speak of this event because they feel so strongly about it."

Peppermint Pops has been resurrected. It's an early holiday gift from an Albany family to the community. One of Albany's oldest and most prominent families will underwrite the Peppermint Pops concert which had been cancelled because of a money shortage.

For 11 years, Peppermint Pops has rung in the holiday season. But last Tuesday, the Albany Symphony Association said the free concert was canceled. Hillard says, "And it's become such a tradition. The prospect of it not happening left such a pit in my stomach really."

Monday morning, Albany Symphony Director Claire Fox Hillard helped announce the good news--the Peppermint Pops is back! Lorie Farkas says, "Well what happened, I came home Tuesday night and my husband said the most horrible news is coming on at 11:00 we have to watch about the Peppermint Pops. It was a bit of a shock."

Lorie decided to do something about it. With the help of her brother Sandy Farkas, who agreed to underwrite the $25,000 dollar event, they called their friends as well as several local businesses, many of whom said at first they couldn't donate money.

Albany Symphony Association President Diane Cunningham says, "But it was so interesting that many of the people who were asked and were not able to when they realized they were going to lose this and it was important to it they stepped up for us and we are truly grateful for that."

The Albany Symphony Association is grateful for the 11th hour save--but they know they can't always count on families like the Farkas' to help. They are developing a multi-year sponsorship plan to protect the Pops for years to come.

The Peppermint Pops is Monday, December 15th at the Albany Civic Center. Admission is free, all you need to get in the door is a canned food donation.

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