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10 tons collected for food drive

November 21, 2003

Albany- Two trucks are stocked high with food donations, donations that will soon become holidays feasts.

"It kind of sets the tone for the Thanksgiving holiday coming up and that of course is when everybody's thinking about the families that are less fortunate," says Eddie Byrd, Executive Director for the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia.

This is the final day for the Hunters for the Hungry food drive. The event is the largest food collection drive the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia has all year.

Country music Radio DJ Adam Kelly uses the power of radio to get loyal listeners to become loyal donators.

"I put myself in the public's eye day in and day out, and if I can't use that to benefit people my job is absolutely worthless," he says.

He even gets help from truck drivers at Southeastern Freight Lines.

"We just try to appeal to them on the radio and we talk to them and try to get them to come in. They can come and pull in and stay in their truck and I'll run out and get their money and their can foods or whatever out of the trucks," adds Hilary Kinney.

"We don't know what to expect, the people of SWGA have always been good to us and were waiting to see what they do today," admits Byrd.

What Southwest Georgians do today could mean the difference between eating and starving for someone else tomorrow.

Since it began, Hunters for the Hungry has collected 230 thousand pounds of food for families in Southwest Georgia.

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