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Young South Georgia author shares her story with school

November 24, 2004

AMERICUS - She's still in college, but one South Georgia girl has already published a book about her life.

Brigett Steward spoke to the freshman class at Americus High School Friday.  Steward grew up in poverty in Wilcox County. She wrote a book about her experience, called "No Matter What --Overcoming and Achieving."

Against the odds, she says, this young woman has accomplished much in her young life. 

"Because I came from poverty, people did not expect me to be successful, so I had to fight against people who said you are suppose to have a 2.0 GPA and things like that, so I had to fight against the negative comments people had to say about me," she said.

Steward first got attention in 1999 when the Atlanta-Journal Constitution wrote an article about her family's impoverished life in Preston, Georgia. The AJC is doing a follow up story on Steward that will appear in a few months.

Steward is a student at Spelman College and plans to attend Columbia University to earn her Master's in Journalism.

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