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Students learn about sports related careers

November 21, 2003

Thomasville - So today, some 6th grade students found out that having a career in sports, doesn't necessarily mean they have to be athletes.

"We decided to show them that there are other areas, other careers connected to sports that they might be interested in," says Guidance Counselor Rhea Wagahoff. She says students are lured into wanting to be professional athletes by fame and fortune. By teaching them how to get involved in a sports related field, they will have something to fall back on just in case their first choice doesn't work out.

Presenter Michael Madison says, "I was a college athlete, and all the time I spent in college was really geared towards hoping to play professional sports, in reality it may never happen that way, and you always have your education to fall back on."

And now Madison is passing along his education to others as a Respiratory Therapy instructor, and he hopes those who want to play sports professionally will have a back up plan. He says, "So the education base is always there, and I think that's important so if you can give kids a basis then where they expand out to from there is important for them, they get a chance to decide where they want to go."

Even if it's not on the playing field. Each grade level learns about different types of careers yearly.

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