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Students get an exotic science lesson

November 21, 2003

Cook County - A South Georgia classroom was invaded by frogs, lizards, and snakes Friday.  Students at Cornerstone Christian Academy were treated to an up close and personal science lesson.

"We teach them that not all snakes are venomous, and they all have a purpose here," said Chet Powell.  "But, they should not bother the snakes."

The usual textbook pictures have been replaced with real life reptiles. "It gives these kids a chance to see and learn about the reptiles that they would only see on Animal Planet otherwise," said Powell. 

Herpetologist Chet Powell introduced youngsters to his pets, Apple Jack, George, and Gracey.  "I liked the tree frog the best, he was cool," said Stanton Moore, Student.

He teaches students how reptiles eat, defend themselves, and some even play dead.  "If the hog snake thinks he's in trouble, he'll actually roll over and act like he's dead to protect himself," said Powell.

Teachers say lessons like these get students excited about learning, and its the most fun and interesting way to teach kids about science and nature.

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