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Fertility Support Group helps couples cope

November 20, 2003
Tifton- Stacey Beckham spends most of her time these days with 19-month-old Chase.

She knows it's time well spent. Like many women, Stacey once faced the difficulties of infertility.

"When we were going through it, there was really nothing as far as support services," Beckham said. "You were pretty much limited to being on-line and finding people in chat rooms and that sort of thing."

So she helped the Tift Regional Medical Center begin the fertility support group for men and women. The group meets at the hospital on the last Thursday of each month at 6p.m.

"You can see the connections and the second people are walking in they're asking, how did this go for you and how are you doing," she said.

The group gives people a place to be surrounded by others who understand, because infertility is emotionally devastating and sometimes, financially draining. Everyone here brings a different story and a different perspective to the table. There are even those who've chosen adoption.

"We spent years trying to have a child and the fact is my husband and I are still infertile," said Lisa Lacy, a group member. "The odds are very slim that I will ever actually give birth to a child."

A trip here may not lead to answers, but it will make a hard road easier to travel.

"A lot of family members even don't know that their family members, daughters and sisters are going through this type of thing so you've go to have some sort of release," Beckham said. "And so this is that place for them."

Now, Stacey has the Chase of her life in front of her. But she'll never forget the days when she wondered if he would ever run into her life at all.

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