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Sex offenders not home

Albany--In Georgia convicted sex offenders including child molesters are required to register with the state. The state uses that information to track their movements. But that can be difficult.

The bright red for rent sign was the first clue that an apartment on Westwood Dr was empty. It's the last known address of a registered child molester. The GBI web site shows the house should be occupied by this man, Levon Kirk. And a check of the GBI web site shows only one of the three we checked actually lives where he's registered."No I never heard of that fella," say Howard Wingfield who is suppose to live next door to an offender.

Police say a shortage of staff makes it hard to keep track. "Dougherty county police department goes about the things they do each and every day. We have to rely on these individuals to follow the guidelines of the statue," say Chief Bobby Johnson.

But relying on criminals to help police themselves might make the question of who living next door to your family very unclear. Below is a link to a list of sex offenders provided by GBI .

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