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Doctor Returns to Cairo from Iraq

November 20, 2003

Cairo - Dr. Mark Hudson is the kind of Doctor you can call anytime. He says, "I think it's important for the physician to be accessible for them. To say, 'what questions do you have, do you want to talk about anything?'"

But when he was sent to Iraq in July, patients Holly, Kacey and April were a little worried, for their own reasons. April Lee says, "It was scary for me because he was the doctor that was going to deliver our baby, he was Taylor's pediatrician and he was our family doctor, so he was the only doctor we ever saw."

And although Dr. Hudson was thousands of miles away, taking care of troops in Nasaria, they were still able to ask him questions about their pregnancies. "Even though he was a world away," says April, "he was still there to give me reassurance. I emailed him one night at 11 O'clock with a question I had, and I woke up the next morning at 7:00 AM and he already emailed me back."

And although he wasn't back in time for little Harper Lee to be born, Kacey Kinnard had a special delivery for him the day he returned home. She says, "Dr. Hudson put on his running shoes and his running gear and ran to the hospital helped deliver Taylor and afterwards, put his shoes back on and ran back home."

And Holly Waldrep is happy to know that now, he's only a phone call away. "My husband and I are happy because we feel like we can call him anytime day or night," she says. "If we need him, he's there. Cause we really are inexperienced to say the least."

And April adds, "Our three year old was excited to hear that he was back, she said, 'I can be sick now, Dr. Hudson's back.'"

Back, and happy to be helpful. Dr. Hudson had been in Iraq in July. He returned back to Cairo two weeks ago.

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