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Busy highway to expand

November 20, 2003

Dougherty County-- State Route 133 would be more convenient if it were four lanes, and engineers are taking a look. A year ago, the Department of Transportation announced their big plans to expand the major link between Albany and Valdosta.

This summer consultant engineers were given the thumbs up to start the preliminary engineering phase from Valdosta to Moultrie.

The other half of the road should get it's own engineer by the end of the year. Phase one has begun, but State Route 133 is a long way from getting wider. It's going to be a lengthy process, but drivers and store owners can't wait.

A Smith Transport truck driven by Ryan Hunt. is heading to Valdosta. He's a light away from a two lane busy highway-- State Route 133. "I'd rather travel the interstate because all these two lane roads you have to keep stopping and going for all these people turning," Hunt says.

With time 133 will expand to four lanes, giving drivers like Hunt more room and stores like Moree's Grocery more money. "I think the road will bring in more business," said store employee Alfred Warren.

The store will lose some property, but they don't mind. "We've had a lot of accidents out here and people are scared. I think it will bring in more business if they can get in the lane so they can turn in here right," Warren said.

It won't happen any time soon. Hunt used to work for an asphalt company. He knows what to expect. "It's going to be aggravating if they do go to a four lane because the have so much to do."

Ryan Hunt says in the long run it pays off. There is already funding for the preliminary engineering phase, but right now there's not any money for right-of-way and construction.

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