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Students enjoy a day on the farm

November 20, 2003

Lowndes County - Some South Georgia students are stepping out of the classroom and into green pastures. It's part of the annual Ag Day event at Tommy Stalvey's Farm.

Fifth graders are learning how to groom cattle, shoe a horse, and protect our water sources. "These days, children don't grow up on farms like they used to and we want to show them how important agriculture is in our everyday lives," said Tommy Stalvey, Farmer.

Agriculture is Georgia's number one money maker, and it plays a part in everything we do. "We get clothes from crops like cotton," said Adalin Burke, Student. "Everything we eat comes from the crops the farmers grow," said Alex Roquemore, Student.

Organizers want students to walk away with a new appreciation for farmers, the animals they raise, and the crops they grow. "We want them to know that if it wasn't for agriculture, we wouldn't be here," said Stalvey. "It provides the fruit, fiber, and everything we need to exist."

And hopefully, the lessons learned today will stick with them after they leave these hayfields and step back into the classroom.

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