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Community to decide beer and wine issue

November 19, 2003
By Scott Hunter

Warwick--  As more people make Southwest Georgia their home, new business moves with them. But with new business questions arise about what's right for a community. In Warwick the question of whether the town's newest business should serve alcohol has raised eyebrows.

Warwick's newest resturant the Pecan Grove  has been open for six months. Owner Dewey Buffington, says he feels his establishment has become part of the community. "It's a place where you can come  and sit down and have a good time with your friends and chit chat and take your time."

And while patrons are either taking their time or chit-chatting, Buffington wants to give them the option of having beer or wine with their meal. But whether he will get a license to do that has not been decided. 

"Without this beer and wine license I feel that we are losing a substantial amount of revenue and I feel our customer base could increase, people like to come in the evening and have a nice glass of wine with their meal,"  he says. 

But neighors right across the street wonder what will happen to their neighborhood.

 Evelyn Houston has lived across the street for the resturant  for  more than 40 years. She has seen the effect of alcohol from a beer and wine store that used to sit right next door. "They would stand around out there and drink on the premise and look for any where they could to use the bathroom," she says.  

Houston is only one of the neighbors and community members who opposes granting the restaurants license. Others we talked to feel those opposed to are slowing down the town's expansion. The city council is set to vote on the issue in mid December

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