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Georgia to study deer-car collisions

November 19, 2003

Dougherty County -- There have been so many deer-car collisions in Georgia in recent years, the state is going to try to find a way to prevent them. Georgia will use $300,000 of your tax money to study deer behavior, in hopes of keeping them out of roadways.

A 1997 Hyundai was totaled when it collided with a deer. The deer ran into the car, jumping onto the hood and windshield. Thousands of Georgians are involved in deer crashes like this every year.

Now the state will ask animal experts to find a way to prevent them.

Some people are not sure they want that. "It helps this time of year." Charlie Burden, owner of Charlie's Paint and Body Shop, averages about six car repairs a week because of deer collisions. Burden said "I don't know of anyway to stop it. Keep the cars off the road, because you can't keep the deer off."

Car deer collisions cost Georgia drivers millions of dollars every year in repairs and increased Car insurance costs. Bill Copelan of Copelan Insurance said "When you hit the front end of a brand new vehicle, you are looking at four thousand dollars. We do pass that on to the consumer, because it drives our rates up."

Georgia's study is intended to find mitigation techniques from reflectors, to fencing, to whistles, that will keep deer out of roadways. The three year, $300,000 study begins in February.

It will be conducted by the Georgia Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, University of Georgia, and Berry College.

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