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Storm chasers on the race for bad weather

November 18, 2003
Doerun- Lipscomb is wiring his truck, bad weather may be on the way. And you can bet stormtracker two will go looking for it.

"I usually go to the weather before it gets here, usually 150 miles out before gets here," Lipscomb said.

This love for dangerous weather, rose from a childhood fear.

"I couldn't even watch the Wizard of Oz," Lipscomb said. "I would bury my face in the pillow."

He's conquered that fear. Now he's a trained stormchaser. It's a hobby, but it's serious business.

"The most important line of defense Tallahassee has with its weather service is the Skywarn Weather Network."

Over the years, he's seen plenty of twisters.

"I didn't have time to run," he said. "Basically, I had to turn the truck into the wind and pray."

But it doesn't keep him off the road. So with more than a few gadgets, he goes searching for storms. On this trip, little activity leaves time to hit the border on the way to the state's border.

Most of the time, this race is a waiting game. But the night's not over. So if severe weather finds its way to South Georgia, Rick will be there to watch it roll through.

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